Welcome to 13 Moon Harvest!

Welcome to 13 Moon Harvest. We are making our presence known online to offer you information and links to products and services that will help you gather the abundance that grows in our own back yard. Our mission is to help friends, family, and the community to tap into the rich bounty that the Natural World has to offer us year-round. We provide products and information to harvest an abundance of edibles and medicinal fruits and vegetables from your own property using the same methods that we ourselves use. You might ask why we offer this; the answer is simple, because we find that home grown and home harvested foods taste better, cost less, and are healthier – ultimately creating a connection with the Earth and with our family and providing you with hours of enjoyment while doing so. We’ll give you step by step instructions and show you what equipment to use to tap into the bounty just outside your door. We cater to everyone – from those brave souls moving headlong into self-sustainability and sovereignty to the folks that just want to tap a couple Maple or Birch trees, pickle some eggs, or make sauerkraut on their kitchen counter. So take a look inside and see if there is anything we can provide you with to further your journey towards becoming more a part of your diet and your surroundings.