13 Moon Harvest is a market garden and CSA owned and operated by Tom Fair; a market gardener with over twenty years of experience growing, harvesting, and marketing over a hundred varieties of Heirloom Herbs and Vegetables. Using a combination of Organic and Bio-intensive methods, crop rotation and companion plantings, he grows copious amounts of fresh, local, and seasonal Herbs and Vegetables; at times growing and harvesting through the winter months with the help of simple structures like Hoop-houses and Cold Frames.

After many years of observing the natural world around him while gardening, he has come up with a method of harvesting not only what’s growing in the garden, but harvesting what the Natural World has to offer.

For example, he taps at least seventy Maple trees in the Crow Moon along with as many Birch and Black Walnut trees he can find. The Green Grass Moon comes next and it’s time to pickle Eggs. Next is the Planting Moon and it’s time for Milk, Cheese, and Butter. So goes the Natural Year, Moon after Moon until it comes full circle.